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"Blocks of Love"

 Created by Jennie and Lukas DiBeneditto

For our health care heroes at Clark Memorial Hospital:


Especially amidst a global pandemic, we wanted you to know that your community is thinking of you and that we are all so grateful for your love, care, and dedication.


So with the help of your community, we made this artwork to uplift your spirits and show that we care.


From far away, viewers will see a large purple heart with a beautiful gradient of colors radiating from the center. Up close, you can stop to read each handwritten note and feel the love represented by the hands of your community. 


This mirrored pair of works was assembled from 160 pieces of wood, requiring 656 cuts. So that no two blocks of the same height are touching, a random layout of block heights was generated by a custom computer program.


Each of the 90 vitreous enameled tiles started as a piece of metal. Glass enamel powders were sifted onto the metal and fired in a 1450 °F kiln three or more times for the colors and shading. Then photographs and handwritten notes were digitized and converted to black and white graphics, printed with a specialized laser printer to make a decal, and fired one last time.

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