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"Captured Light"

Designed and fabricated by Jennie and Lukas DiBeneditto

In 2018, the state of Indiana declared Say's Firefly (lightning bug) the state insect. In celebration of this, the City of Jeffersonville put out a call to artists for a temporary, larger-than-life, illuminated sculpture inspired by the lightning bug! 

My concept, "Captured Light", was selected by the Jeffersonville Public Art Commission to be created and temporarily installed in Big 4 Park for the city's glowing Steamboat Nights festival. 


The work evokes feelings of nostalgia for childhood summer nights catching lightning bugs and the sense of wonder that the tiny bioluminescent beetles inspired.

The piece was constructed with metal electrical conduit, organza fabric, and outdoor pendant lights with sculpted wings. A specially engineered concrete base helped to keep all upright pieces in place with also weighing the piece down securely for outdoor conditions. 

The finished piece measured just over 8' tall!


Featured on WDRB with Keith Kaiser:


Teaser images shared on Instagram: 

Teaser images shared on Instagram: 

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