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Date: Saturday June 26th     Time: 10 am to 2 pm

Location: NoCo Arts Center, 628 Michigan Ave, Jeffersonville, IN 

Event Organizer: Jennie DiBeneditto 502.435.7164 (text or call)

What is it?

  • An event to sell extra items in your creative stash, shop for new items, and gather (safely) with fellow creatives! 

  • For this event, we recommend pricing that is at least 30% off of retail pricing. Sellers are responsible for setting their own prices and processing their own sales. Basically, prices should be a good amount cheaper than retail, but don’t have to be yard sale pricing unless you want to be really certain it sells. 

What’s allowed:

  • Any tools or materials used to make art/crafts – any mediums. 

  • Any items used to display or store art (like frames, or artist booth displays)

  • This is NOT an art fair for selling finished work, but a small amount of finished work at discounted prices will be allowed as long as a majority of your booth/table is tools/materials and not finished work. (I’ll be selling a few pieces of my discontinued work, but it will be about 10% of my booth)

Cost to Sell:  $5 and up 

Tables and chairs are provided and seller costs are associated with the amount of table space you would like. The booth/table fee will cover the rental of the facility and marketing. There will be no group or individual profiting from hosting the event. 


  • 34” x 34” Card Table (8 sq ft) - $5 (12 available)

  • 30” x 6’ Folding Table (15 sq ft) - $10 (9 available)

  • 4’ x 8’ counter height table (32 sq ft) - $20  (4 available)

Processing Payments:            

Similar to a traditional art fair, all artists/sellers will have a defined space and will be responsible for making their own sales, collecting their applicable taxes, and packing up sales as necessary. (This is more like a yard sale than an art fair so old grocery bags and amazon boxes are completely acceptable for packaging!) We will advertise that Cash and Credit will be accepted by most vendors. 


  • Graphics to promote the event will be shared with each participant 

  • All sellers are encouraged to promote the event to their networks!

  • Flyers will be printed and hung in local businesses. Some will be available for participants if desired.

  • Large posters will be printed and hung in the Art Center windows the week leading up to event. 

  • A Facebook Event has been created and will be “boosted” starting 2 weeks before the event

  • Event will be listed in the yard sale section of local newspapers, craigslist and FB marketplace

  • A Press Release will be sent to the News and Tribune in hopes of being featured

  • A press release and graphics will be sent to local art groups to promote such as:

    • Jeffersonville Public Arts Commission

    • Jeffersonville Arts Alliance

    • Louisville Visual Art

    • Louisville Artisans Guild

    • SoIn Tourism

    • Local School Systems to let art teachers know about the event


Safety Measures:

We want this event to be safe for everyone! We will work with the city of Jeffersonville Safety Manager and Arts Administrator to make sure we are following, or going above and beyond, all COVID-19 safety guidelines at the time of the event. If it is deemed unsafe to have the event we can cancel or postpone, even at the last minute. If the event is canceled for COVID reasons all booth fees will be returned.  


Set-up and Breakdown:         

  • A floorplan will be created and distributed to all sellers the week before the event so you know where to set up. 

  • The art center has several rolling carts to help load/unload

  • The space will be available Friday June 25th from 3 to 6pm and Saturday June 26th from 8:30 to 10 am. Please make every effort to be prepared for shoppers by 10 am when we will open bay doors to the public. 

  • Break down will happen immediately after the event from 2 to 4 pm.

  • There will not be overnight security on Friday evening, BUT the building is secured, and only trustworthy resident artists and art administrators have building access. 



I, personally, don’t want anything I’m trying to sell to come back into my home again after this event. Anything of mine that does not sell will be donated. I will gladly take any of your unwanted (and easy to lift) items to donate as well – and will be even happier if you have great ideas of where to donate the items that would be more directly useful than a resale shop like Goodwill or Salvation Army.  

Seller Sign-Up Form
Table Size Requested:

After submitting this form, your request will be compared to our remaining table availability. A confirmation email and PayPal invoice will be sent to pay the booth/table rental fee. 

Seller fees can be refunded until May 26th, 2021 - one month before the event. Sellers who cancel after May 26th will not have booth renal fees returned. If the event is canceled for COVID reasons, all seller fees will be returned. 

Thanks for submitting!