These red trapezoidal earrings feature handdrawn abstract designs with accents of white and metalic red!  


Finished with Argentium Silver ear wires which are resistant to tarnishing and generally safe for sensative ears because there is no copper in the silver alloy. 



Note: This pair has a minor design flaw where part of the enamel pulled away on the back. Because it is such a small area, this should not cause any issues with the longevity of the piece. Because of this flaw, this pair has a discounted price of $25 instead of the normal $45 for this style. 


Measures roughly 2" Long and 1" Wide



My Process: 

These lightweight vitreous enamel earrings are made by hand every step of the way. The shape is drawn and cut by hand, then forged to have a slight dome for strength and design aestetic. After cleaning the metal to remove any dirt and oils, a thin layer of powdered glass is fused to each side of the copper in a 1450°F kiln. The designs are hand drawn in my sketchbook, digitized, and then printed on a special laser decal paper that is fired on to create a deep brown (sometimes black) image. They were fired yet again to add highlights, shading, and sometimes metalic lusters. Each enameled piece in my shop is fired in my 1450°F kiln at least 4 times - sometimes up to 10 times to create layered designs! 

Red Trapezoidal Earrings